How to Trade Forex Successfully starting with one pair - Full Workshop



How & Why to Trade only 1 Forex pair successfully!
Learning to trade one Forex pair will give you the opportunity to be focused a 100%

Here is why…

A) No distraction
B) Mind relaxing
C) Less stress
D) Less fear
E) Easier planning
F) Applying multiple strategies
G) Easier to learn from mistakes
H) Faster & easier tracking of trades
I) More discipline
J) Better decision
K) Spotting trades easier
L) Understanding and guiding your emotions better
M) Learning & understanding the behavior better
… Plus a lot more…

Simple but important Steps to long term trading success

1. Chose a trending Forex pair
2. Choose your strategy and trading style
3. Create a simple but powerful trading plan
4. Follow your trading plan a 100%
5. Create a trading journal to track your results

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you can use this strategy right away to start making profits and getting good at trading. Please watch this video a few times to make sure it sinks in. This is not just a small Forex video but a full and very detailed online course already. 3 hours of "to the point" explanations with great content...we are not hiding anything. And please remember;you can use this as day trader or swing trader.

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