My Journey Building a $1,000,000 Forex Portfolio - Live Account



So I've made over $3300 in July 2016. You can copy my trades if you like for a small fee.

Just click the SignalStart link below...

This is a live account with my real money. Not a demo!!!

Trading plan. 8 Rules to follow.

1. Only trade .01 lot size per $1000. i.e. $2000 would allow you to trade .02 lot size.
2. All trades have a TP limit of 50 pips. No stop loss.
3. Trade pairs that have changed over 100 pips in the same day. This can be seen best on the 4H chart.
4. Close any trade that you see make over 20 pips. No matter what. Find a new pair to trade.
5. Double each trade after 50 pips change in the wrong direction.
6. Always keep the Usable Margin over 75%. Stop opening trades if it drops below 75%. Wait for the turnaround….
7. Withdraw 50% of earnings per month. Keep the rest to trade.
8. Trade in positive pair rollover direction. Always.
9. Use Fibonacci Retracement to find trades to open.

Link to myfxbook below.